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K9 Torque (2023)

Laminated and carved ash; airbrushed acrylic paint.

K9 Torque is a Belgian Malinois trained to detect electronic devices of child predators.  Torque is based in Central California.  She is also known as the most frequent flying dog in a refurbished Vietnam era Huey Helicopter and that is where she got her name.  She rides with Vietnam Veterans and brings out memories that help in their healing. Torque is one of the few commissions created with the dog still alive for reference and measurements.  This is the first time that the artist has morphed the body of the dog and a Huey helicopter.  Note the pictures of the real Torque along with her likeness in the Huey.  Can you tell them apart?  The sculpture of Torque will debut at the Napa Valley Museum in January 2023

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