All Images Copyright of James Mellick
The Art of James Mellick: Dog With One Tooth

                                                                                                            Dog With One Tooth, 1991
                                                                                                                  Private Collection
                                                                                 Life-sized, spalted maple, walnut with copper and bronze details

The title comes form only having room to insert one tooth. This sculpture was created at the same time and as a mirror to “Messengers” I enjoyed displaying them together. While “Messengers” was about the passing of my brother David, “Dog with One Tooth” was purchased by Ed Clark who also passed away due to cancer, before his time. I think of Ed when I see this sculpture and I know that my art will outlast and outlive my earthly form of existence.

The Walnut cockatoo, like the other bird symbols that ride the backs of my animals, are Divine “spirit guides”.