All Images Copyright of James Mellick
The Art of James Mellick: American She-Wolf
                                                                 American She-Wolf, 1991
                               Collection of Lion and the Lamb Peace Arts Center, Bluffton College
                                 48" x 30" x 40", Cherry, oak, alabaster, soapstone with copper details

Oh Rome, who would slaughter infants to kill a Savior; of what or whom are you so afraid that you would murder every man-child this side of his second year?

And you, your very existence founded by the infants your ancients, the Etruscans, left on the hillside to die. Did your ancestors also take better care of their animals than their children?

Was the ancient She-Wolf an endangered species who repaid your protection with the nurturing of Remus and Romulus whom you abandoned? Are the sins of fathers visited upon their children? Do children who survive death, become fathers and mothers who leave their children to die?

Rise, American She-Wolf, and save the children at risk from the sins of their fathers. Let your white eye look out for the black child; let your black eye care for the white. Flee the spears and arrows of this generation. Nurture Remus, a fertile brag abandoned by his young father. Protect him from the stray bullets of his father's drug wars. Save little Remus from the blows of a drunken boyfriend or a jealous stepfather. Deliver Remus and Romulus from a father's sexual depravity which, unlike other species, knows no boundary.

Rise, American She-Wolf, and save the children at risk from the sins of their mothers. Nurture Romulus who was at risk before he left his mother's womb. Suckle him with warm milk free of cocaine and workplace chemicals. As Medea killed her sons because their father, Jason, left her, protect Remus and Romulus from their distraught mother's dagger.

Rise, American She-Wolf. Carry the warm bodies from the dumpsters and the toilets. You are the only guardian that can be trusted. You are the Pied Piper and we do not deserve our children.

Rise up, American She-Wolf, and return our children to us when it is safe again.