All Images Copyright of James Mellick
The Art of James Mellick: Watchdog
                                                                                 Watchdog I & II, c. 1992, ed. 2
                                                                    Private Collections in Sarasota FL and Detroit MI.
                                                                          LIfe-sized, Salvaged redwood and copper

As I pulled into my driveway one evening, the headlights caught a menacing figure of a dog standing on my front porch. I forgot that I had left one of my dog constructions out earlier in the day. That startled me for a moment. Then I thought about making “robo watch dogs” that people could put on their front porch (replacing the concrete goose). It would be a great crime deterrent, like a dummy weapon. The owner would not need to worry about being bitten by his own Pit Bull.

Have to drive into the “bad” part of the city? Just load your own watchdog into the car. When I was delivering it for a show at a Chicago gallery, I just let it look out the back window. With those shades, it’s hard to tell what the dog is thinking but the teeth leave no doubt.