All Images Copyright of James Mellick
The Art of James Mellick: The Politically Incorrect Dog (P.I.D.)
                                                                                                                  The Politically Incorrect Dog (P.I.D.), 1992
                                                                                                                 Collection of Louis Kovach, Columbus, OH
                                                                                                                          Life-sized, poplar with copper trim

As a light complexioned Great Dane of Northern European descent, PID's fate seems to be sealed by his male gender. On his seventh birthday, PID awoke to find himself muzzled and nearly castrated. At mid- life he learned first hand that the revolution had taken place while he slept. He was no longer top dog, leader of the pack. In fact, almost overnight the longevity of his political power had been reduced to the shelf life of a slice of Wonder Bread. What was the nasty transgression that made him a social pariah and sent him plummeting from grace? What made him nearly lose his manhood?

People who know dogs say that if you don't punish a dog within 28 seconds of his indiscretion, he will not know why he is being reprimanded. Some in the minority feel that Caucasian males should be punished for the sins that their fathers may or may not have committed, ten, fifty, one hundred and two hundred years ago. It is difficult for white male to fully appreciate a minority's sense of entitlement to reprimand for transgressions which the he did not personally commit, as though he is an oppressor simply because of his race and gender.

PID is a well-bred, big, gentle dog. He was raised in a Christian home and trained to be compassionate and giving to the underdog. He never expected to be bitten by those he intended to help nor did he ever expect that it would become politically correct to hate the belief system that nurtured his compassion and moral sensitivity.

So he awakes to "Pay Back Time" in a big way. But because he was taught to be giving and be inclusive he stoically and quietly holds his ground while the shrill voices of extremists and revisionists from both ends of the political spectrum role over him.

For now, he's muzzled by his own sense of fairness and political correctness, but there is a limit. And when he reaches that limit and can retreat no further, he'll lift his leg to mark his territory as if to say, "Here I stand, I can do no else." Although he is muzzled, marking is a universal gesture that everyone understands-- Never kick a dog standing on three legs.