All Images Copyright of James Mellick
The Art of James Mellick: Pecking Order II
                 Pecking Order II, 1993
         Private Collection, Columbus, OH
      40" x 12" x 12", poplar and copper trim

The concept behind this small “totem” of animals is based on Christian ideals of the strong serving the weak. Very different from the top down power structure of the corporation or academic institution, this sense of service takes the pyramid structure of power and turns the pyramid upside down.

In the ideal of Christianity, the usual pecking order is reversed. Here the dog supports the cat which supports the bird perched on top of the orb.

The original sculpture, Pecking Order I, was a commission for a New Jersey animal hospital. I often do two at a time if I like the idea. This one I left natural, trimmed only in copper. I prefer it to the painted one.

My friend Jack Earl (the ceramic artist), likes the painted one.