All Images Copyright of James Mellick
The Art of James Mellick: Bird Dog
                              Bird Dog, 2003
                       Available for Purchase
         28" x 53" x 20"; cherry, birch, bronze, copper

     For a moment she froze in mid pant with her tongue hanging out. She had not read the book and didn’t know that she was an Irish Setter and setters sit or lay near their prey and were taught that it was not nice to point. (If the dog is low to the ground, she does not get caught in the net thrown for the birds.) “He’s got to be around here somewhere”, she thought.

     Just then a terrible quacking and flapping of wings erupted on her hind quarters. “What the Sam Hill are you doing?” quacked the duck. “I’m a Wood Duck, not a quail or a pheasant!”. “Oh my gosh you are right and I am sorry said the dog.”

     Just then they caught their reflection in the pond. “Say you know, we look pretty good together”, said the dog. The duck replied, “Yes, indeed we do. Let’s hang out together a while longer.” And they did just that.