All Images Copyright of James Mellick
The Art of James Mellick: Blown Away
                                                 Blown Away, 2003
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                      43" x 24" x 12", spalted sycamore, cherry, found stump
It is the feeling of apprehension on a beautiful day as the wind picks up and storm clouds billow above a greenish sky on the horizon. It is hearing a screaming pack of coyotes that shatters the quiet of the night as they are on the trail of a fawn, and the house dogs, sleeping warm and full, begin to pace with the call of the wild. It is walking a wooded trail carpeted with spring flowers only to come upon a raccoon twisting and twitching in dementia and a 32 caliber slug ends itís misery. It is the cute little mouse that ends up as fur pellets at the bottom of an owlís nest. It is the beautiful tree brought down by the snaking, choking wild grape vine. Nature is filled with angels and demons.

What unseen force threw this powerful dog? The wind? A bear? Another dog? A rifle shot? The dog lands on a found stump with the grain of angelís wings. Discovered in the carving of the paws were two bullet fragments that became additional content.