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Cardinal Sins II, 2007
One of two. Cardinal Sins I, 1987, is in the permanent collection of Wabash College, IN.   11.5" x 12" x 7"; Walnut, cherry, aniline dye, cast bronze and copper
(Cardinal Sin or one of the seven deadly sins; also Cardinal Jaime Lachica Sin (1928-2005) former Archbishop of Manila.)

Jaime the cardinal was the spirit guide and companion for Frankie the miniature Italian greyhound. Wherever Frankie went, Jaime rode along. Jaime felt safe from the cats even though some of them were as big as Frankie. They were inseparable, but sometimes Frankie wished otherwise.

Jaime loved the berries, especially the fermented ones. Their association was often strained when the cardinal ate too many transfigured berries and morphed into a backflipping public fool. His transgression was more of a nuisance rather than a mortal sin. Frankie always forgave Jaime once he sobered up. After all, both of them were guilty of a far more deadly sinóbeing a bad pun.
The Art of James Mellick: Cardinal Sins II