All Images Copyright of James Mellick

                                 Mama OPEC II, 2007 (one of two) 


                                18" x 24" 12" Spalted sycamore, copper


“…that great sucking sound south of the border..” Ross Perot, 1992 presidential debate.


Holly the Weimaraner, the “queen mother” of several litters, would quickly stand when startled by a noise or visitors.  The nursing pups would lose their hold on her teats and one by one they would drop off with a with a popping sound.  This time all nine of the pups, eyes not opened yet, had a good grip and held on like the swinging and wiggling fringe of a surrey.






For the sake of information, the best and most productive teats, the prime realestate, are the back four. When she carefully walks into her whelping box, carefully putting her feet down in the open spaces between the blind puppies, she finds an open spot to nurse, she lies down and the babies make a mad crawl for the back four.
We are addicted to petroleum as much as the babies are “addicted” to milk. We compete for the oil producing realestate and latch on. Access to oil becomes a policy of national security. The oil producing countries are not kind “mothers” like Holly so we need to grow, open our eyes and find ways to feed ourselves.
The Art of James Mellick: Mama OPEC