All Images Copyright of James Mellick
The Art of James Mellick: Get Out of Here!
                   Get Out of Here! 1995-2013
                        Available for Purchase
               (as a group or single commission)
 Life-sized butts, cherry, poplar, walnut and red elm

I see you've sunk to drinking your fill at the toilet. Are you getting ready to run with the piss-happy crowd from the other side of the tracks? They are a bad bunch. None of them have respect for where the grass ends and the flower beds begin.

When you all get together, you circle up like a bunch of congressman sniffing each other's butts. In a ritual spiral you sniff round and round looking for the one dog with the right stuff to lead off in some direction.

Dogs. Over the last ten years you've defined and reduced me to a single dimension. I'm the "dog man", the man who sculpts dogs. Rouault spoke through his paintings of Christ, clowns and prostitutes, Monet had his haystacks and lilly ponds, I have my dogs.

On good days, when critics understand, you are Dominus Caine. On bad days, when you are orphaned and impounded by the ignorance of others, you swarm above my head like Harpies in heat. As the tempting demons of St. Anthony, you tug and torment to remind me of your un-necessity. I'm trapped in the single dimension expected of me. I love and hate you.

For every idea I have swimming above my head, there is a doubt. It is hard to separate the mutts from the show dogs; the ideas with balls and those without. Maybe it is time to turn you all loose. Go on, get out of here!