All Images Copyright of James Mellick
The Art of James Mellick: Marley Romney
                                                                                                                       Marley Romney, 2014
                                                                                                           Collection of Mitt and Ann Romney
                                                                                                15" x 45" x 17", Figured walnut with copper details
                                                                                                Inscribed on underside "Marley Romney 1996-2006"

Through an email, I recently discovered that Governor Mitt and Ann Romney were owners of one of my early
"Ghost Dogs" purchased from An American Craftsman Gallery, before he was a governor, in 1995.

If you visit his web page, one will find that dogs are a big part of their lives. No one can deny that I love dogs and I use them as allegory to the human condition but there are times when the personifications and doting go too far and we end up treating our dogs better than our children, born and unborn. What the political left has to decide is whether late term abortions are more egregious than strapping your dog (in a carrier) on top of your family car. During Mitt's presidential campaign, the story of the dog on the car, seemed to be the biggest chew toy that the political left could chomp on. I kept thinking, "Come on guys, is that the best you got?".

Mitt asked if I had any Weimaraner art to commemorate their beloved Marley that passed away in 2006. Other than my "Dog Tricks Table" and even having raised Weimaraners for a time, I had none so I got busy. I created two dogs and let him choose the one he wanted. The other Weim Ghost Dog is on display at An American Craftsman Gallery in NYC.

I think more people can now agree that Marley would have been better suited for the White House than Bo the Portuguese Water Dog.