The Art of James Mellick: Big Mac 
                              Big Mac, 2014
      Collection of Patrick Hernon, Dana Point, CA
     20" x 52" x 17" figured walnut, cherry and copper.

Patrick Hernon of Dana Point, CA loves his English Labrador "Mac" who is getting along in years.

We met at our favorite restaurant, Spagio, in Columbus, Ohio, where I have work displayed.

He asked me to immortalize his dog as one of my series of "ghost dogs" that hang on opposite sides of a common wall. I don't do dog portraits but I try to tell the dog's story in the design. In this case, a Mockingbird that is an outdoor pest for Mac is included on his hind quarters and I've symbolized by "stitching" on his front left leg a tumor that had been removed.

The owner wanted his dog looking to the right so I was able to angle the head and (for the first time) paint the copper eyes to look to the right)
Mac has since passed on.

If the buyer has a dog breed and a story particular to their dog, commissioned work is the best way to make the sculpture personal and perhaps, a little less expensive.
All Images Copyright of James Mellick